The university of Texas Student GovernmenT

Who we are

Student Government (SG) was established in 1902 to serve as the official voice of the student body at The University of Texas at Austin. All students-including undergraduate and graduate students-are members of Student Government. SG represents the student body to the administration of the University, to the Board of Regents of The University of Texas System, to the City of Austin, to the Texas Legislature and to the US Congress.

Our mission is to earnestly represent the interests of students, to preserve and protect the traditions and legends of the University, and to support students and student organizations in their academic and community endeavors.

Have an idea? Have a project you're passionate about? Looking for ways to grow your initiative? SGConnect helps you contact your college representative in the Student Government Assembly. They will assist you in bringing your idea to life by providing insight, suggestions, and the contact information of relevant stakeholders. Student Government resources, at your fingertips.

No one should be walking home alone late at night. Click here to be connected to the SUREWalk agency, and they'll find you a safe way to get back to your dorm, apartment, or West Campus residence. SUREWalk operates from 8:30PM until 2:00AM, seven days a week.