Institute off-campus services for students with disabilities

Off-campus housing companies often do not fully accommodate disabled or differently-abled students. When issues arise, these students bear the burden of holding building management accountable. We do not think students should handle that responsibility alone. We will work with Services for Students with Disabilities and UT Legal to designate a staff member to help students with disabilities navigate conversations about necessary accommodations with housing complexes. A partnership between SSD, UT Legal, and students would ensure accountability on the part of off-campus housing companies and the wellbeing of all students.


Secure an accessible van for UT’s Police Department

Currently, UTPD offers rides home to students every night from 8 pm to 2 am. While this is a fantastic resource, it is not accessible to students who use electric wheelchairs or scooters. Not having the ability to use this resource is problematic for disabled/differently abled students, especially on nights with dangerous or bad weather conditions. We are committed to working with UTPD to secure funding to purchase vehicles that will allow all students to utilize this service from UTPD. All UT students should have equal access to campus-wide resources and Safety includes all communities – the disabled/differently abled community must not be forgotten.