Addressing sexual assault


Work with Voices Against Violence, Student Emergency Services, and Title IX to permanently fund the Interpersonal Violence Peer Support Program


Interpersonal violence prevention and awareness efforts are most impactful in the form of grassroots, student-led movements that have the university’s backing. Voices Against Violence (VAV), Student Emergency Services, and Title IX have created the Interpersonal Violence Peer Support (IVPS) Program, which aims to support survivors of interpersonal violence (sexual violence, relationship violence, and stalking). Starting in Fall 2017, selected students will be trained to assist anyone who requests confidential support, resources, or information on University policies, procedures, and reporting options. Through extensive training and access to VAV resources, IVPS would fully equip student leaders to support survivors on campus. Furthermore, providing a wage to those involved with IVPS will incentivize student leaders to be reliable and give back to their peers. We want to ensure that any student who has been impacted by interpersonal violence is able to access resources and that all survivors at UT have a support system with a permanently funded IVPS.



Expand training for on and off-campus resident assistants on sexual assault prevention and intervention


Currently, on-campus resident assistants only receive a one-hour training session from Voices Against Violence regarding the prevention and intervention of sexual assault. However, freshmen are the most at risk of experiencing sexual violence and are often least educated on the issue. We will increase the time and resources devoted to training RAs in different ways of preventing or intervening in instances of sexual assault, and expand the same training to RA’s of private, off-campus dorms. Furthermore, once trained, RAs will educate their residents on the importance of consent, bystander intervention, and male responsibility. We understand that effective prevention begins with cultural competency, and hope to bring that focus to any effort against interpersonal violence.