Over the years, Student Government has established several policy areas to help best serve the student body. These areas include Affordability, Athletics, Civic Engagement, Equity + Inclusion, Health + Wellness, Housing + Transportation, Interpersonal Violence Prevention, Leadership, Mental Health, Safety, Service, Sustainability. Within each policy area, agencies have been created to serve more niche roles. These agencies are outlined below by policy area.

campus advocacy

Improve UT Challenge

Officers: Isheta Kumar, Megan Engalla

Contact Information: ishetakumar@gmail.commeggie.engalla@gmail.com

The Improve UT Challenge empowers students to improve the university, by tackling an important aspect of idea implementation. Many students who have great ideas to improve UT, but are unable to implement them because they lack the resources to navigate the large bureaucracy. The Improve UT Challenge represents how anyone can make a change, not only those in SG. The Challenge introduces students to SG to show them that activities like the Improve UT Challenge are what SG focuses on every day: creating new ideas and implementing legislation to see UT grow.



community advocacy

Disabilities and inclusion Agency

Officers: Amita Srinivasan, Kathryn Strickland

Contact Information: amita.srinivasan@gmail.comkate.strickland@gmail.com

The Disabled Students agency exists to improve accommodations for, provide resources for, creating an inclusive space for, and meet the needs of student with disabilities and to further inclusion in the academic and social environment at the University of Texas at Austin. As an agency of Student Government, we  will initiate legislation and attempt to work with different organizations on campus to create events relative to our goals.

Diversity and Inclusion

Officers:  Dhvani Shukla, Hira Vayani

Contact Information: dhvanishukla123@gmail.com; hira.vayani@gmail.com

The Diversity and Inclusion Agency aids Student Government and the university in their efforts to increase admission and retention of students from underrepresented communities. The DVA will work to facilitate communication between diverse organizations all around campus in order to increase accessibility to resources for underrepresented students. The ultimate goal of this agency is to bridge the divide between various diverse campus communities.

International Students Agency

Officer: Neha Thippana

Contact Information: neha.thip@gmail.com

The International Students Agency exists to advocate for international students at the University of Texas at Austin. The Agency aims to connect this population with campus resources. We work with the administration to bridge the gap between international students and opportunities awaiting them.

Out of State StudentS Agency

Officer: Emily Gitten

Contact Information: emily.gitten@utexas.edu

The purpose of the Out of State Agency is to expand opportunities and resources for out-of-state students aid them in their transition on campus. Out-of-state students are spread throughout campus, and are not easy to bring together, making this agency one of the best ways to organize advocacy for this student population. This agency allows out-of-state students to become connected with each other, and the resources campus has to offer. It allows out-of-state students to be integrated into campus life, and understand what it feels like to be a Longhorn.

Queer and Trans Student Alliance

Officers: Callum Goulet, Sarah Hudson

Contact Information: sarahhudson@utexas.edu

Queer & Trans Students Alliance, an agency of The University of Texas at Austin Student Government, exists to foster leadership within lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer communities at the university. In addition to advocating for LGBTQ students and hosting community-wide events, the Alliance frequently works with other LGBTQ and social justice organizations at the university to provide a wide variety of opportunities to get involved. Events that the Queer & Trans Students Alliance coordinates include: Pride Week, Transgender Day of Remembrance, an annual conference on Queer and Trans inclusive feminism, as well as others planned throughout the year.

Transfer StudentS Agency

Officer: Evan Loose, Francisco Vudoyra

Contact Information: madeleineloose@utexas.edufranciscovudoyra@hotmail.com

The Transfer Student Agency (TSA) exists to advocate and provide resources to enhance the campus experience for transfer students. Historically, transfer students have had a hard time academically and socially on campus. There was no home, no guidance, and no place for transfer students... TSA has become that avenue for transfer to thrive in all aspect of their campus experience.  

Women’s Resource Agency

Officers: Catherine Holley, Ximena Alvarez

Contact Information: catherineclaireholley@gmail.comximenaalvarez@utexas.edu

WRA promotes feminism and inclusivity through discussion, advocacy, and fundraising while connecting women to campus resources.

Follow the Women's Resource Agency on Instagram @ut.wra !

civic advocacy

Federal Relations

Officers: Ellen Teuscher, Shoumik Dabir

Contact Information: ellentx13@gmail.comshoumik.dabir@utexas.edu

The Federal Relations Agency is an agency under Student Government that advocates the values and ideas aligned with the student body at the University of Texas in the Federal Government. As an agency, we are responsible for promoting civic engagement through events that educate and empower students to take action in their own communities.

Hook the Vote

Officers: Ryan Hurt, Selina Eshraghi

Contact Information: ryanhurt@utexas.eduselinae@utexas.edu

Hook the Vote is an organization that aims to increase the strength of the  know student body’s voice in all levels of government. When students are civically engaged regardless of political affiliation it helps us to influence change we would like to see enacted at all levels of government, whether it be federal, state, or local. The agency helps the student body by providing voter registration services and informing the public of elections.

State Relations

Directors: Jacob Springer, Scarlett Neely

Contact Information: jacobmspringer@utexas.eduscarlettneely@utexas.edu

The State Relations agency exists to provide a key connection for students to their state government and help represent the voice and interest at the state level as well as to encourage students to take an active role in their future politically.



health advocacy

Student Safety

Directors: Emma Hodgson, Jason Taper

Contact Information: emmahodgson18@gmail.comjason.taper@utexas.edu

The Student Safety agency exists to promote the safety and well-being of all students at the University of Texas at Austin. Its responsibilities include forming new student-led initiatives to increase campus safety, interacting and maintaining good relations with UTPD and APD, and working with faculty and administrators in order to coordinate campus-wide safety efforts year-round and ensure precautionary measures are in place in case of an emergency. The agency serves the student body as a direct route for voicing concerns from the student perspective on safety-related campus issues to help maintain a safe, comfortable learning environment for all students.

Longhorn Emergency Medical Services

Director: Anthony Liu

Contact Information: longhornemsaustin@gmail.com

Longhorn Emergency Medical Services (LEMS) is dedicated to excellence in emergency response and community outreach. LEMS is working to reduce patient contact times on UT campus in the event of a medical emergency. LEMS is committed to fostering a safe environment for the UT community through education, high-quality prehospital care, compassion, professionalism, and integrity.

For more information, visit the LEMS website here.

sure walk

Directors: Ariel Benson, Brett Bean

Contact Information: arielbenson530@gmail.combrettbean2017@gmail.com

SURE walk is a collaborative program between student government and Parking and Transportation Services (PTS) that provides non‐judgmental assistance moving across campus and into areas near campus. Users can request walks or rides to any location on campus and select locations near campus. The purpose of the program is to provide non‐judgmental assistance with movements in the defined area to ensure the safety of the university population. The service is open and available to anyone in the university community.

To volunteer, click here.

For more information, visit the SUREWalk page here.

leadership and service

First-year Leadership Organization

Directors: Alex Mutammara and Juan Alvarez

Contact Information: a.mutammara@gmail.com; jalvarez.ja60@gmail.com

FLO is an agency under Student Government that aims to provide first-year students with leadership and networking skills necessary to become leaders on campus. FLO serves the student body by bringing together first-year students of all backgrounds, interests, and majors while providing them with a positive, friendly, and inclusive environment.

Longhorn Athletics Agency

Officer: Jake Greenberg

Contact Information: jmgreenberg121@gmail.com

Longhorn Athletics exists as a student-run initiative to strengthen the experiences provided to students at sporting events and to represent the official student voice on important athletics related issues. UT spirit and pride is something that every student of all backgrounds can get behind, and we hope that under an administration that strives to unite all Longhorns, we can form a strong and cohesive community. Longhorn Athletics will utilize the strength, size, and prestige of Texas Athletics to work toward this goal.

Longhorn Entrepreneurship Agency

Officer: Freddy Purches

Contact Information: fpfreddyp@utexas.edu

Longhorn Entrepreneurship Agency is an arm of Student Government dedicated to fostering and promoting student entrepreneurship through a variety of programs such as Freshman Founders, the organization and expansion of the Co-lab coworking space, LEA’s annual Entrepreneurship Week, and more.

Longhorn Legislative Aides

Officers: Nikita Telang, Ricky Cooks

Contact Information: nikitatelang17@gmail.comrickyacooks@gmail.com

Longhorn Legislative Aides exists to give freshmen students a direct and hands-on experience in Student Government, molding young leaders on campus by providing them opportunities to improve the Longhorn experience through mentorship and professional development.  LLA encompasses students from all across campus who have a multitude of different passions and goals, and works to have each member achieve their own version of leadership. Through mentorship, professional development, and service, LLA creates an extremely personalized experience for its members. LLA produces a Longhorn experience full of individualistic leadership from 21 freshman that then impacts change all across the Forty acres.  

Visit the LLA Facebook page for more information, and follow the LLA Instagram @utsg_lla!


Longhorn Run

Officer: Amelia Brown

Contact Information: ameliajtb@gmail.com

Annual 5k and 10k where proceeds benefit the SG Excellence Fund and Recreational Sports Excellence Fund.

Orange Outreach

Officers: John Austin Veach, McKanie McNamara

contact Information: johnaustinveach@utexas.edumckaniemcnamara@utexas.edu

Engage the UT student body with service, build a strong relationship with the Austin community, unite students in a positive and common purpose, and serve the UT campus and greater Austin community through sponsored and promoted events. Coordinate service events, promote and grow the Orange Outreach agency as well as increase student participation in service through increased philanthropic endeavors. Create a centralized hub for service opportunities on campus in which students, administration, and the community can engage.