diversity & inclusion


 Bridge campus through monthly events that connect diverse students and facilitate dialogue between differing opinions

The University of Texas attracts students from across the state and the world, reflecting diverse backgrounds and all ends of the sociopolitical spectrum. While this environment provides Longhorns a fantastic opportunity to learn about differing perspectives, people often do not interact outside of their local network. To connect student leaders, we will partner with the organization Texas Leaders to host monthly ‘Mix & Mingle’ and speed dating events. To facilitate conversations on relevant campus and national topics, we will hold monthly dialogues with organizations who hold opposing viewpoints. To make it easier for student organizations to publicize events, we will create a flyer map resource that shows the location and approval process for all on-campus flyers. Finally, to spark spontaneous connections across campus, we will push a ‘Skip the Small Talk’ day that hands out “big talk” questions and encourages deep conversations across campus.


Create a new Student Government position that collaborates with the Gender & Sexuality Center and Multicultural Engagement Center

In such a large and growing community as ours, Student Government has not consistently maintained strong enough relationships with the Multicultural Engagement Center and the Gender and Sexuality Center. To improve communication and collaboration between these three entities, we will create a new agency directorship within Student Government. The directorship will be responsible for facilitating cross collaboration by keeping up with the goals, projects and achievements of the MEC and GSC and relaying this information to Student Government.



Support trans students in the process of changing their names on diplomas to reflect their gender identity

Transgender students face several hardships on campus in relation to their gender identity and expression. Many trans students face hiring difficulties because the name on their academic diplomas is the one on their birth certificates, and not the name that reflects their identity. Many trans students are unaware that they can actually change their name to reflect their gender on academic diplomas. We will provide a Student Government liaison between the Texas Law TransGender Marker Project, and Trans students to offer support in this process. We will ensure that every UT student has access to the accurate reflection of their names on their diploma.