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Our goal is simple. We aim to create a University atmosphere where all students feel heard, seen, and included. Through the addition of care counselors in all 13 undergraduate colleges, a new non-traditional student center, improving campus safety and many other goals for the 2019-2020 school year we believe that UT can and should be lead not by us, but by you…

Care Counselors

832 students used the Counseling and Mental Health Center during the 2017-2018 school year for a total of 18, 744 appointments. We believe that in order for every student to live up to their full potential they should have access to the mental health resources they need. By adding additional care counselors to every undergraduate college, we could help lessen the stress on the CMHC staff, and create a convenient option for students who seek the healthcare they deserve. A UT led by you means care counselors who are familiar with their field of study, and can help manage the major-specific stressors that come with it.

Non-traditional Student Center

While incoming freshmen have a multitude of resources available to them that facilitate their transition to UT, non-traditional students have fewer sources of support and often struggle to acclimate to life at UT. We think it is critical that students have a space on campus where they can feel represented and included. As of now, the current transfer student center is on the outskirts of campus far from where most students meet. We would like to make a space for transfer and non-traditional students in the central hub of campus that would encourage more student interaction, more opportunity for networking, and more accessibility to resources. A UT led by you means space matters.

Continuity Committee

Bring the past forward! The Continuity Committee will make sure the visions of previous administrations are seen through, even after the leaders who initiated them leave office. We realize that those student leaders have broken ground on many important projects, but don’t always get to finish their work. A continuity committee will ensure that their projects will be continued and when applicable, completed to ensure no legislation or work is left unfinished. It’s time for a UT led by you where the work we start is carried on even after we graduate.

Sexual Assault Prevention Training Expansion

This year, our Student Government Representatives passed legislation in support of sexual assault survivors. In this legislation, SG set out to encourage student leaders and organizations to go through IVP training. As an extension of this legislation, we want to work with Title IX and the Interpersonal Violence Peer Support Program in creating a more comprehensive training program for student leaders on our campus. We will also encourage these leaders to provide a list of organizations that have completed the training every semester. This will show both current and new members which organizational leaders have gone through the extra steps to provide support to fellow students. It’s time for a UT led by you where we support each other both in the classroom, and outside of it.

Safety & SURE Walk Expansion

The SURE Walk program ensures that hundreds of students on our campus have a safe way of getting home from campus at night. We propose increasing its funding in order to better equip the program for students and paid staff by addressing the following. We want to expand the coming SURE walk application to include lighting, reporting incidences, and a daytime accessibility option to assist temporarily injured or student having a disability with getting to class or respective destinations. We are also committed to exploring sustainable funding methods to ensure optimal program operation.

Training Tags

Throughout our time here on the 40 Acres, we are all required to complete coursework that fulfills the university-wide flag requirements. While these flags seem tedious at times, they are crucial in helping us develop the skills and experiences we need to be successful in a dynamic workforce. We believe similar expectations should be held for the professors at our university when it comes to facilitating a safe learning environment for us students. While UT currently offers diversity and inclusivity training to its faculty and staff, we think students have a right to know which professors have undergone the various training courses. This is where training tags come in. With these identifiable tags, the course schedule will not only show students which courses fulfill flag requirements, but which professors have undergone inclusivity training. It’s time for a UT led by you that means transparency when it comes to diversity training for our professors.


The purpose of UT led by You is to stimulate an environment by which campus resources are encouraging each student to be who they are, speak up for the change they want to see, and write their own chapter in UT history. This is what it all comes down to: This school is yours. It belongs to you. What does your ideal campus look like? What changes do you want to see happen? While we strive to improve the UT experience for all students with our platform points, we recognize that everyone has initiatives that affect them first hand. We have reserved a slot in our platform points dedicated to listening and working with students all across campus — even those who are not members of Student Government — to create real change in real time.

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