‘let’s get started.’


let's get started...

The “average student” doesn’t exist. Every Longhorn has unique problems, and we want to help with as many of them as possible. We're Colton Becker and Mehraz Rahman, your Student Body President and Vice President. We want to get started on tangible, feasible, reasonable improvements on issues that affect any and every student.

Let’s stop letting student involvement end when Student Government takes over a project. Your voice matters. Let’s commit to changing rape culture, one seminar at a time. Let’s make it easier to respond when an emergency happens, whether it’s medical, personal, or a bias incident. Let’s prioritize our mental and physical health instead of competing over who gets the least sleep. We are committed and want to focus on the real problems that Longhorns face, and there’s no better time to do that than now. Let’s Get Started!

student empowerment

1) Expanding Legal Aid for Undocumented Students

2) UT Rebuild

Interpersonal Violence Prevention

1) Implementing Consent Education

2) Shoring up SURE Walk

3) Consolidating Student Emergency Resources

Diversity, inclusion, & Campus climate

1) Incorporating Inclusivity Training for Registered Student Organizations

2) Creating More Reflection Spaces on Campus

3) Supporting Longhorn EMS to Become a First-Responder Organization

4) Establishing an LGBTQIA+ Support Fund

5) Installing a Back Door in the MEC

Health & Wellness

1) Supporting the Creation of a Northwest Campus Gym

2) Improving Mental Health Policies and Practices

3) Advocating for Healthier Food Options on Campus

Student life

1) Extending Thanksgiving Break

2) Increasing On-Campus Study Spaces

3) Developing a Student Financial Aid “Bill of Rights”

4) Including Transfer Students in the Longhorn Legislative Aide Program