Interpersonal violence prevention


 implementing consent education

In 2016, the CLASE Study reported 15% of women experience rape on our campus, and since then UT has been recognized as a national leader among universities for our transparency and willingness to respond to this real issue. Many freshmen enter college without knowledge of consent and healthy relationships, so we must set an educational precedent for our fellow Longhorns to instill cultural change that will work to eliminate rape culture on our college campus. In order to create a tangible impact, we will introduce primary prevention education through the implementation of Consent Workshops in FIGs, TRIGs, and other equivalents. This will help new students learn about healthy relationships, consent, bystander intervention, and what to expect in college. The Consent Workshops will mirror UT Senate’s mental health legislation and work with experts on and off campus in order to maximize impact and to include as many voices as possible.


Shoring Up SURE Walk

SURE Walk is an agency of Student Government, which through partnership with Parking and Transportation Services (PTS), provides students with safe, accessible rides at night. The service has grown tremendously in recent years, but there is still more work to be done. We will work with PTS and other campus stakeholders to design and implement a smartphone app students can use to request a ride. SURE Walk also plays a role in the larger issue of Interpersonal Violence, yet we recognize it is largely a risk reduction method. Recently, efforts have been made to incorporate more of a primary prevention basis in the program, which we strongly support and will continue to promote. Finally, as SURE Walk is a service which benefits all students by providing security during their nighttime travel, we will advocate for a permanent source of funding for the program, to ensure its ability to continue work on campus for years to come.


Consolidating Student Emergency Resources

UT has abundant emergency resources, but in moments of crisis there is no time to search through several sites to find the best resource for the situation. By compiling all UT emergency resources from on and off campus into a single website, we will create a user-friendly and accessible resource directory. This directory will include information within the realms of general safety, sexual assault, mental health, bias incidents, human trafficking, and other personal emergencies.