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Longhorn Legislative Aides is a program designed to take in 21 first-year students and provide an experience that is unparalleled here at the 40 acres. Working directly with the Executive Board in Student Government, along with other leaders on this campus, LLAs are given several unique opportunities to grow both professionally and socially. While we are a diverse group of people, the one thing that ties LLAs together is the shared passion and devotion to improving the student experience at UT.

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The Longhorn Legislative Aides Agency wants YOU to apply to join the newest class of LLAs! LLA is a mentorship/internship agency that allows first-year students to work with some of the biggest leaders of Student Government while also gaining some amazing friends. If you’re looking for a family of first-year students and hope to gain first-hand experience in Student Government... THIS is where you want to be!

Applications open August 29th at 5pm and close on September 12th! Like the LLA Facebook page and follow the LLA Instagram for more information. If you have any questions, contact Ricky Cooks or Nikita Telang, or send us a Facebook message! We can't wait for you to join the famiLLAy!

Applicants will be interviewed on 9/14 and 9/15. Group interviews will be held 9/16. Final decisions will be released 9/17. 

information sessions

9/4, 9-10pm in CLA 0.102                 9/5, 9-10pm in CLA 0.102 

9/6, 6-7pm in CLA 0.102                   9/10, 8-9pm in CLA 0.102

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