Apply for a position

Interested in getting involved with Student Government? Apply to work with the Executive Board or one of more than 25 agencies! There are tons of ways to get involved in SG, and there’s a wide variety of positions available. Visit this page to view available positions, and check out our Facebook page for current announcements.

Campus Wide Elections

Campus-wide elections are your chance to be elected by your peers. Represent your college through the Student Government Assembly, the legislative voting body of the organization. Or, represent the student body to alumni, administrators, donors and legislators as the student body president or vice president.


Write Legislation

Anyone can write a Student Government resolution! A resolution amplifies your voice by gaining the support of "The official voice of the student body." If you have an idea that needs support or attention, connect with a Student Government representative via SGConnect.

SG Connect

SGConnect logo_official.png

Have a great idea, but not sure where to start? Interested in making campus a better place, but need some guidance? SGConnect helps you contact your college representative in the Student Government Assembly. They will aid you in bringing your idea to life by providing insight, suggestions, and the contact information of relevant stakeholders.