Integrate interest specific service opportunities into all First-Year Interest Groups

First-Year Interest Groups (FIGs) are integrated UT communities that have the potential to shape the culture of our university. People that serve others lead happier lives, and we want to better incorporate acts of service into the UT lifestyle. This starts with the first-year experience. We want to make service opportunities specific to the FIG’s focus area an integral part of the cohort. Serving Austin’s many needs can be done in countless ways. For example, the Art & Design FIG might paint murals in East Austin, while the Mechanical Engineering FIG may lead middle school robotics clubs. By doing this, all Longhorns will find their unique ways to serve.


Increase the impact of UT’s day of service, The Project

The Project is UT’s largest service event, bringing in up to 2,000 students who contribute almost 10,000 hours of service in a single day. While the impact of The Project cannot be discounted, universities like Texas A&M and Villanova have nearly half of their student bodies participate in similar projects. We believe there is room for significant improvement at UT. We will encourage and incentivize student organizations to participate by sponsoring a site, using Student Government resources to enhance The Project’s current outreach efforts, and working with the Department of Diversity and Community Engagement to increase the amount of student management and control within The Project. We hope to ingrain The Project into Longhorn culture, and expand one of our most impactful traditions.